Trương Thế Kiệt
22 5 月 2024

The first time a friend took me to the shop, this week the shop's theme was inspired by the big market, the staff presented very clearly and thoughtfully in the service stage. The dishes are both familiar and strange, leading my taste from surprise to surprise, creating an overall meal that is full of flavor and true to my taste. I will definitely come back and look forward to next season's menu theme 🤩🤩 🤩

Miss Miss
22 5 月 2024

This is the first time I have tasted Asian-style fine dining. Most of the fine dining is nothing more than French and Japanese mixed with Western style. ORYZ incorporates unique Asian dishes, and every dish is amazing. Taste buds and visual art are both entertained, and there is even a feeling of satiety. Food accompaniments For those who don’t drink alcohol, you must try Kangfu Tea. There are three food pairings in one series. If you like food, you can’t miss it when you come to Ho Chi Minh City. It's worth taking time to stop and taste.

Kevin Tu
22 5 月 2024

Every dish is great. Worth a visit. Music was a bit boring and cliché.

19 5 月 2024

Pushing what locally sourced ingredients can do, ORYZ will professionally guide ypu through it all.

Anthony Fung
19 5 月 2024

It’s everything you can ask for from an Eastern fusion restaurant. Great atmosphere, friendly and knowledgable staff, as well as unparalleled food quality (Thanks Chris, Ryan, Kim Anh, Frances and Nhu). Not only is the thought process behind the dishes interesting, they also come with a sample and explanation to illustrate the source and background of your dish (also tells you which place from HCMC inspired their dish). Please note that they rotate the set dinner menu every 7-8 weeks, but as of May 2024 my personal favourite is the Spring Onion Chicken Rice, Stir Fried Choy Sum, Teochew Pork Offal and the Almond Tofu Sweet Soup. Michelin needs to come ASAP to review this place. I’m not a great photographer but hopefully the photos give you some idea about the place. Truly one of a kind and a must-go spot in HCMC for a great meal.

gia ly tran
18 5 月 2024

Thanks Oryz Saigon for delicious foods and good service 🧡🧡🧡

wenhao huang
16 5 月 2024

The course is perfect. Mix all asian culture and taste. Full of surprise and the food are really delicious. Serving also nice.

16 5 月 2024

Fashion , modern style, perfect dinner tonight

Coriolan Bataille
16 5 月 2024

A very nice fusion cuisine experience with super friendly staffs. I had a great time and a perfect ending note with the ice-cream jelly dessert. Restaurant is also very lovely, they prepared a cake after knowing we are here for birthday celebration:-)

13 5 月 2024

This restaurant is suitable for taking clients or girls. After eating 12 dishes, you can chat from Xingtian Palace to outer space⋯ I thought that eating one bite at a time might not be enough, but as a fitness guy, I was actually full after finishing 12 dishes. The last two desserts were delicious👍

Will Knight
12 5 月 2024

I am consistently amazed at just how good Chef Chris and his team are. From the depth of their research, meticulous approach to sourcing and indeed crafting ingredients, to the creation of the final dishes. ORYZ menus will always take you on a journey. It's definitely a must try if visiting Saigon or a must do over and over again if you live here. Absolute masters of their craft, from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. A truly memorable experience every time.

Andre Sham
10 5 月 2024

The food was perfect and concept that ties to each edition of their menu is carefully thought out at well executed. The staff had great hospitality and such an enjoyable experience. My go-to every time I’m in Ho Chi Minh

Sam Teng
9 5 月 2024

Set menu for 1 person from 1.6 VND excluding VAT including drinks. Must book a table in advance (required)

Taniya Triwatana
28 4 月 2024
Angel Tseng
23 4 月 2024

The boss invited us to eat at a private restaurant. I heard that it tastes Hong Kong style... I came here with a curious idea of ​​what it would be like to eat Hong Kong style fine dinning. There are many beautifully dressed girls inside. There are 10 dishes in total, each of which is only one bite. Those with big appetites will never be full. To be honest, I'm not used to the taste. I can’t say it’s not delicious, I can only say it’s more traditional for me! My colleagues from Hong Kong who also went there said they had never tasted anything like this before. 😅The price is a bit expensive, but it’s good to go and experience a different restaurant! The reason for giving 4 stars is that the service was too slow, it took three hours to eat a dinner. I eat the food in one bite, and then I have to wait, so I have to keep talking...😂

Taku Tanaka
13 4 月 2024

Every single dish in the course and hospitality was great!!

10 4 月 2024

A very perfect experience. The boss Chris is very kind and I feel that he puts a lot of effort into his work. I think he is not just eating, but enjoying artistic cuisine.

Vincent Wu
9 4 月 2024

This was the most satisfying meal I had in Ho Chi Minh City. Every dish was good, and those in the 8 Course were already very full. The service is also great and the menu is available in several different languages

Phan Jacky
7 4 月 2024


Vlogs của Tú
1 4 月 2024

Modern Asian style restaurant The dishes are all beautifully decorated and easy to eat for Vietnamese people. The desserts between dishes are extremely delicious, thank you chefs. The staff are very enthusiastic and provide attentive service without any criticism. What I like here is that no matter how much I ask, the waiter knows how the ingredients in the dish are prepared. Private open space suitable for eating with friends or going on a date. Must try within the price range of 2 million/pax

pajaree trisuvan
28 3 月 2024

The food is amazing. Everything we had was splendid. Nhu gave us a very thorough explanation of every dish we had and that makes the whole meal even more enjoyable.

Chia Kelvin
23 3 月 2024

Finally able to find time to try oryz. took the 10 course dinner set . All the dishes are well executed, definatley attention to detail and uniqness of ever dishes is there. A very unique dinning experience which satisfy your palate. service was top notch . will be back again to try the new menu soon.. keep up the good work!

sam fok
20 3 月 2024

taste good! The flavors and layers are distinct, and the combination is fresh. Poro buns are the taste of Hong Kong! The menu changes regularly, and I look forward to coming back next time!

Harry Huynh
19 3 月 2024
peggy hung
12 3 月 2024

A perfect meal! A must-eat restaurant in Ho Chi Minh! If I come to Ho Chi Minh again next time, I will definitely book a table again! Amazing food, great service, beautiful restaurant!

David Vuckovic
3 3 月 2024

Fantastic, finally a place with authentic flavors of Asia with Nordic serving traditions without being too pretentious. The staff is super professional and service minded. We will be back very soon.

Su Brandon
3 3 月 2024
Alyse Hsieh
2 3 月 2024

Staff came outside to greet very friendly. Every dish was special, flavorful, and beautiful. Staff was well trained and introduced every dish in detail 👍 8 or 10 course menu to choose from and they change menu every 5 to 7 week. Highly recommended!

28 2 月 2024


Jiahui Tan
24 2 月 2024

Oryz is helmed by Chef Chris Fong from Singapore. With a pedigree from Andre and St Pierre, it was no wonder that his culinary creations were so exceptional. The theme for tonight’s dinner was Hong Kong so the menu featured Cantonese dishes which were elevated by technique and ingredient. The highlight for me was the fish and the char Xiu. All the protein were cooked to perfection, well seasoned and had the right balance of flavours. Although they tasted familiar, there was much more finesse to each dish. The wine pairing was also quite reasonable. Given the price point, this restaurant is indeed a gem which you should appreciate before it gets discovered.

Nguyen Le Nhu Quynh
24 2 月 2024

Had a very interesting experience with Oryz last night. Food was too good have no word to explain and had a perfect portion for one. Chef Chris pour a lot efforts and always got the food out so fast and precise. Love the clay pot rice, very stand out from other fine dining concept. Service has good knowledge of the dishes and very friendly. Worth a try and will come back when they launch their next menu!

Darrel Hyon-Lè
21 2 月 2024

Excellent menu and a wonderful dining experience!

Đỗ Hồng Phúc
20 2 月 2024

Unique menu, delicately and beautifully decorated dishes, an explosion of taste, for me especially the first dumpling dish, chicken dish and char siu dish. The tomato egg sauce dish is not very special, the rest are all worth trying. Intimate space, beautiful lighting. You can see the kitchen counter and see how the chef prepares the food. Dedicated and professional service, I was most impressed that within the first few minutes, the staff very cleverly recognized that I was left-handed and set up the items according to my preference. Well worth experiencing and enjoying!!

Anh Tran
20 2 月 2024

Great experience. Perfectly paced out (about an hour all-in). Outstanding food

Sato Sato
5 2 月 2024
Hoa Pham
28 1 月 2024

Delicious and unique food. The waiter explained each dish in great detail and interestingly. I chose the 8-dish course, priced at 1280k, a very reasonable price for such a luxurious and delicious course. I like the service. Thu is very friendly and pro about the food

1 1 月 2024

Be sure to choose the 10-course set menu, it’s amazing

Gavin Lin
1 1 月 2024

Comfortable dining environment and experience, the cuisine uses many Asian elements.

29 12 月 2023

All dishes are very delicious.

29 12 月 2023
ian ong
28 12 月 2023

Class! Chef Chris is on point with every dish. Very commendable how he is keeping the menu exciting with changes every 5 weeks - compared to every quarter by other fine dining establishments.

25 12 月 2023
25 12 月 2023

The meal is super delicious! Highly recommended ☺️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Tu Phi Ho
20 12 月 2023
Michael Lin
15 12 月 2023
Xuan Tam Khanh HO
15 12 月 2023

Highly recommend for an delightful fine-dinning experience. Chef's attention to details (taste / decoration / service / ambiance) was impressive. The ingredient was perfectly played in each dishes: balance of flavors & textures. Each course was a true pleasure, complemented by attentive service within nice ambiance of dinning room. Bravo Chef and the team. I would definitely consider returning for next tasting menu.

David Tan
11 12 月 2023

The experience of Oryz started when we alighted our vehicle. The warm exterior lighting and the stone steps into giving a glimpse of the wonderful dining experience later. Our waiter share with us some of their specialities as we peruse their unique scroll like menu written on bamboo and cloth. We decided to go ahead with the set meal, which changes every 1 to 2 months. The bread basket was one of the best breads I've tasted, warm and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Some notable dishes are their deconstructed Vietnamese sour fish soup made with trout from Sapa, carefully played and layered to minic the rice terrace of Sapa. Even the bones of the trout is edible. I was pleasently surprise at the incredible taste. Followed by their reimagined shrimp and winter melon dish, inspired by the traditional shrimp and winter melon soup. The shrimp cake was delicious, and for someone who doesn't like winter melon, I finished all of it. And the bulgogi risotto. Very interesting take on the Korean mixed rice. The wagyu beef with rice was definitely some of the best beef steak in Saigon. Lightly charred and crispy on the outside. Tender and soft on the inside. Highly recommended for a meal of Asian fusion and reimagined Vietnamese dishes. Will definitely be back again.

Olivia Mai
9 12 月 2023

Many attractive Asian fusion dishes from the chef such as Hue Wagyu Beef Noodle Soup, or Bibimbap and especially Chicken Pho Stick made from crispy fried quiche with rich aromatic sauce, etc.

Yvonne Pan
7 12 月 2023

The food is delicious, every service staff is very attentive, and the chef Chris is a very good person. There is no reason not to come here a second time!