To enhance your dining experience, ORYZ introduces the ORYZEN Club. Dine-in, indulge in our cuisine, and effortlessly earn benefits, tailored just for you. 

Benefits of Members

ORYZEN Club Benefits

Terms & Conditions

Your participation in the ORYZEN Club confirms your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Use of this program and any changes or modifications; Therefore, please regularly update the Terms & Conditions, applicable policies to be able to fully understand the information of the Member Program. ORYZ has the right to change, adjust or remove any Policy, Term, or Benefit at any time without prior notice. Any change or modification will take effect immediately upon posting on the official ORYZ website & social media.

ORYZ only collects and uses the information provided by customers for the purpose of communicating to customers ORYZ’s promotion programs, promotions, and products and services. ORYZ commits not to disclose or transfer customer information. Points and member benefits are only for the owner recorded when registered on the system, not transferable in any form. ORYZ has the right to refuse to apply for the promotion when the account holder is not present to use it directly.

ORYZ has the right to suspend the Member Account without prior notice to you if ORYZ determines that you have violated these Terms & Conditions of Use, or your use of your account is fraudulent.