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Founder & Chef from Singapore with roots in Hong Kong, Chef Chris Fong is enthusiastic about Eastern Asian Cuisine. Moreover, he spent his childhood in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Growing up in a diverse cultural background, he aims to break the boundaries and connect different cultures using food.
Having been impressed by the “artisan” value of Vietnamese people, he has decided to leave a “fingerprint” in the South of Vietnam – Saigon and let his soul be nurtured in this beautiful country.

Chris Fong ORYZ Saigon


Step into the world of Eastern Asian Gastronomy, we are going through a transformative culinary journey. Our philosophy in creating art of flavours placed in the Asian Progression: Commencing with dough work, bao rather than bread in French Progression, and fermentation from the last season to reflect on time, life and purity. Followed by a hot dish that focuses on the meticulousness of temperature and honours agriculture with staples like rice and noodles. Finishing off the meal with the ritual of fruits, childhood confectionery, and tea.
Taking an unconventional approach, our magic lies in transforming textures and layers of traditional dishes, using common ingredients in any Asian kitchen, into unique masterpieces.


ORYZ, a zen-like space with a minimalist design. ORYZ has an open kitchen where Chef Chris Fong and his culinary team embroider the Eastern Asian culinary tapestry. Moreover, the transparency is again committed through a round window that acts as a camera lens looking directly into our kitchen. The “O” shape represents the letter O of ORYZ and the harmonization of Asian cultures, while providing a temporal perspective into the realm of food-making.

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ORYZ Saigon, the expertise of chef-owner Chris Fong, unveils a tapestry of Eastern Asian gastronomy. Nestled in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, ORYZ invites patrons to a unique culinary voyage through our Eastern Asian Gastronomy concept.
Inspired by the scientific name of a rice grain – Oryza Sativa, we honour the significance of rice in developing Asian cuisine through the name – ORYZ.

The essence of in-house fermentation is celebrated here, with a menu curated from meticulously aged, cured, and fermented ingredients, blending the rich traditions of Asian gastronomy with modern culinary creativity. Each dish at ORYZ narrates the ‘Taste of Time’ – A testimony to time-honoured culinary techniques. 

With 90% of our ingredients locally sourced, we take pride in offering unique gastronomic experiences that reflect the vast and diverse cultural influences from Asia. From the furthest southern tip of the Malay Peninsula to the Orient of East Asia, our menu offers a diverse range of delectable dishes, crafted by a team of diverse Asian talents.

ORYZ career


ORYZ Saigon isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a haven for passionate minds who dream of redefining Asian cuisine. .We seek talented chefs, service professionals, and detail-oriented individuals for our back-office team. Join our dynamic team and collaborate with like-minded individuals, pushing culinary boundaries and crafting unforgettable experiences. Develop your skills in a fast-paced yet supportive environment, where innovation and exceptional service are valued. Fuel your passion for Asian cuisine – explore our openings and join the ORYZ family today.