Chris Fong ORYZ Saigon

Step into the world of Eastern Asian Gastronomy, we are going through a transformative culinary journey. Our philosophy in creating art of flavours placed in the Asian Progression: Commencing with dough work, bao rather than bread in French Progression, and fermentation from the last season to reflect on time, life and purity. Followed by a hot dish that focuses on the meticulousness of temperature and honours agriculture with staples like rice and noodles. Finishing off the meal with the ritual of fruits, childhood confectionery, and tea.

Taking an unconventional approach, our magic lies in transforming textures and layers of traditional dishes, using common ingredients in any Asian kitchen, into unique masterpieces.


From October 2023, ORYZ has come to three oriental places: Red River Delta, Sichuan and Hong Kong, and the journey doesn’t stop there. Our ORYZ crew passionately pays homage to regional inspiration in modern interpretation. With the deft touch of Asian heritage, we, once again, transform the ordinary ingredients into extraordinary stories every five weeks.

Each dish at ORYZ narrates the ‘Taste of Time’ – A testimony to time-honoured culinary techniques. With 90% of our ingredients locally sourced, we take pride in offering unique gastronomic experiences that reflect our solid cultural influences. 

The essence of in-house fermentation is celebrated here, with a menu curated from meticulously aged, cured, and fermented ingredients, blending the rich traditions of Asian gastronomy with modern culinary creativity. 

Chris Fong ORYZ Saigon
Tiếng Việt