Chris Fong ORYZ Saigon

Founder & Chef from Singapore with roots in Hong Kong, Chef Chris Fong is enthusiastic about Eastern Asian Cuisine. Moreover, he spent his childhood in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Growing up in a diverse cultural background, he aims to break the boundaries and connect different cultures using food.

Having been impressed by the “artisan” value of Vietnamese people, he has decided to leave a “fingerprint” in the South of Vietnam – Saigon and let his soul be nurtured in this beautiful country.

He has over a decade of fine dining experience, five years of hospitality consultancy experience, and multiple kitchen stints in the star-studded kitchens in Singapore, including that of Restaurant Andre and Saint Pierre.

Chef Chris has also led vital consultancy projects across several countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China & Australia. He first arrived in Vietnam in 2019 to help redevelop the gastronomy concept for the award-winning – boutique hotel Villa Song Saigon #2 on Tripadvisor as the Executive Chef before heading to multiple sets of innovative concepts.

Chef Chris Fong’s take on innovative cuisine has always been a locally sourced approach with East meet West techniques, reinventing tradition without breaking the soul. His perception of “Cooking” is connected closely to “Time” as his creations result from his journey exploring different cuisines. From understanding the roots and how culture influences particular food, he has created a vast number of masterpieces to deliver an extraordinary culinary experience for dinners at ORYZ Saigon.

Chris Fong ORYZ Saigon
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