ORYZ, a zen-like space with a minimalist design. ORYZ has an open kitchen where Chef Chris Fong and his culinary team embroider the Eastern Asian culinary tapestry. Moreover, the transparency is again committed through a round window that acts as a camera lens looking directly into our kitchen. The “O” shape represents the letter O of ORYZ and the harmonization of Asian cultures, while providing a temporal perspective into the realm of food-making.

ORYZ spans two floors of dining spaces and one private area for special occasions, with a controlled capacity to provide an intimate experience for diners. Covered by two primary tones, earthy gray and beige, the raw grayish concrete tiles and bamboo-textured chairs enhance the ambience.


Inspired by the beauty of nature, the irregular natural formation of the mountain ridge is depicted from the rock pathway leading to our wooden entrance, providing our visitors an extraordinary journey to Eastern Asia. The use of wood creates a warm and cozy feeling to this private space, while we sophisticatedly arrange the tables to balance between intimacy and privacy.

ORYZ Building 02

Hidden in our third floor is our mysterious in-house fermentation room – where we utilize to create our flavor of “Time”. From soy sauce, pickles, and fermented rice to waxed meat and oyster sauce (our signature sauce), our culinary team has carefully put their heart into each fermentation jar to ensure the final products achieve the perfect balance of flavours. Significantly influenced by Asian cultures, the diversity of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese cultures are bridged into a unified vibe in the restaurant space. Raw materials of bamboo, rattan, wood, and stone combined with Asian breath generate the warmth and romance necessary for a meal with beloved people.