ORYZ Building 02

The building has a vague history, even the owner did not know when it was first built. What we do know is that this place was already named 51 Tran Nhat Duat, even before the reunification in 1975. Which means the actual history of building goes way beyond. Which means the actual history of building goes way beyond.

It used to be the owner’s father’s law office, being the first purpose when they bought the apartment. The family lived here until 2010, embracing many memories, from weddings, to the childhood of the younger generation. As heirs, the owner did not want to sell the apartment, rather leasing, We, ORYZ Saigon, were fortunate enough to accommodate here, and being able to hopefully add more good memories of ourselves. 

From the first days, ORYZ has consisted of 2 levels, ground and level 1, but as we move forward, there have been more additions. Ground Level used to consist of only the kitchen and dining area, later on a private dining area was added.

ORYZ Building 02

The kitchen is open, where you can watch the chefs work on their craft, live action in front of your dinner table. The dining area is inspired by the curves of Asian scenery, combined with the soft lighting to create a cozy and intimate ambiance. A great addition to the level, “Private Dining Room” provides an exclusive space for up to 10 diners and has been hosting a number of special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversary, and even proposals.