ORYZ Saigon, the expertise of chef-owner Chris Fong, unveils a tapestry of Eastern Asian gastronomy. Nestled in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, ORYZ invites patrons to a unique culinary voyage through our Eastern Asian Gastronomy concept.

Inspired by the scientific name of a rice grain – Oryza Sativa, we honour the significance of rice in developing Asian cuisine through the name – ORYZ.

The essence of in-house fermentation is celebrated here, with a menu curated from meticulously aged, cured, and fermented ingredients, blending the rich traditions of Asian gastronomy with modern culinary creativity. Each dish at ORYZ narrates the ‘Taste of Time’ – A testimony to time-honoured culinary techniques. 

With 90% of our ingredients locally sourced, we take pride in offering unique gastronomic experiences that reflect the vast and diverse cultural influences from Asia. From the furthest southern tip of the Malay Peninsula to the Orient of East Asia, our menu offers a diverse range of delectable dishes, crafted by a team of diverse Asian talents.